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5 ways of reinventing your bathroom

There is lurking curiosity about ways of reinventing the bathroom. After all, the most intimate space in your home could emerge as a reflection of your persona. When considering reinventing your bathroom, think of everything from replacing your flooring and wall tiles to reorganizing your sanitaryware and fixtures and making space for those knick-knacks. Try taking the ecological route that renders an air of sophistication to the bathroom. Through this blog, we introduce you to 5 innovative ways of reinventing your bathroom:

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More often than not, our homes are a reflection of ourselves. Sprucing up a living area seems like that one art project you undertake and positively want to excel at. And well, in the bid to add that oomph to homes, one can commit several home decor fallacies. From incorrect material choices to furniture overkill to colour catastrophes and fatal lighting choices, it is easy to make a decor decision that can quickly sabotage a living space's aesthetic. Therefore, to avoid these mistakes here's a quick and easy guide to the absolute no-nos for your home decor choices.


Groundwork and floors credit more to a living space than one might think. A robust framework of flooring not only ensures durability, adding life to your living space but also trains the eye to work through the dimensions of a room by giving it a foundational jumpstart.

1. Choosing the incorrect materials:

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The correct flooring choices depend on various factors, including the room's purpose, the tiles' functionality, and the overall weather of the surrounding area. In a bid to stylise homes, functionality is an aspect to which a blind eye is turned. Wood and rugging on a large scale are impractical in humid climates as humidity over time can cause unwanted mould. Tiles, in this case, prove to not only be more practical but more elegant choices for flooring. Check out Casamia India for its mind boggling variety of tiles. Marble is an excellent option for halls due to its ability to withstand wear and tear. Marble also has an appeal that leaves a lasting impression on the onlookers' might. A perfect combination of robustness and beauty. However, marbles in the kitchen are a delicate overture. Marble is sensitive to spillage. The stain of wine or turmeric could seep into the marble. A drop of lemon could cause the marble to disfigure. Typically, marble is installed in the hall or the bedrooms. Marble must be avoided in the kitchen.

2. Grumpy grouts:

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When installing flooring tiles, make sure they are maintenance free, durable and versatile. . Find an intelligent way of dealing with the adversaries of grout. Joints, between tiles over time, collect grout, which can impede their elegance and beauty. As floors are subject to increased onslaught of daily routine, tiles should be well polished and used in bigger sizes, with lesser joints between them. Grout can be prevented by piping any joints with silicon, resulting in grout-free floors and a grump-free you.


A blank canvas for the mind's eye to paint its brilliant fantasies, walls can often become the bearer of bad colour choices and instant mood dampeners in a home. This is how you can avoid a brooding environment in your home by keeping these common wall pitfalls in mind.

Being rushy and overly ambitious with paint choice

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One of the rookie mistakes involving wall decor is choosing the paint before the furniture. Walls can quickly become overwhelming when paint choices are not in tandem with the home's overall vibe. Wall colours should be built around primary pieces of furniture that contrast and complement each other simultaneously forming a similar colour palette. All bright white can look flat, and increased dark or excessively bright colours can strain the eyes or diminish the size of the room. Achieving a harmonious look overall works wonders for a home. This is where less is more, and more unadorned walls can be easier to work with for any style, be it minimalistic, rustic, vintage or more contemporary.

4. Not considering spacing when decorating walls:

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A significant part of cluttered wall decor owes itself to wrong spacing and random placement of pictures and artwork. This will destroy the general aesthetic of the narrative on the wall.. Spacing and measuring wall dimensions is key and makes for a better and well-rounded wall decor panel. Simplicity takes the cake of a cosy home, where a focal point or accent wall shines through a neutral setting of a delicate wall pattern.


Good lighting is the key to a good ambience. Incorrect lighting decisions can not only disrupt the natural mood of the home, but also discredit any other decor that adds to the aesthetic.

5. Monotonous use of overhead lighting:

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The sole use of overhead lighting, no matter how convenient it may seem, mars the overall mood of a room. Overhead lighting on its own can be pretty jarring. When unaccompanied by softer ambient or task lighting modes, like lamps, overhead lights can spread a dull monotony throughout a room. Different lighting at various levels can also create brilliant shadow play that enhances the dimensions of the room, highlighting the focal points and inducing mystery in certain corners.

6. Lighting tones being too much or too little:

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Using a singular tone of lighting throughout can be difficult and strenuous on the eye. Too bright of white light can stun (not in a good way), and too much yellow washes over in a sickly manner. A soft white light with adjustable brightness levels can transform the ambience from occasion to occasion. Lighting tones can be planned out with brighter overhead lights and contrasting softer or warmer task lights at lower levels. Lighting should also accord with the convenience of the dwellers. For instance, the elderly and children need brighter light that is not too jarring to the eye.


Furniture forms the backbone of any living space. While it adds layering and dimension on the one hand, incorrect furniture choices can sabotage the room on the other.

7. Over Accessorizing:

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With furniture, a moderate combination of complementary and simple pieces with a casual straying of highlight pieces goes a longer mile. Over accessorising is not only jarring to the eye, but gives rise to the toxic, unwanted clutter. . Keep from buying too many small object ‘d ‘ art. . Instead, invest in one significant piece that does all the talking.

8. Too much open storage:

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Storage is a quintessential aspect of every city home. When planning your home care must be taken that the storage camouflages with the decor. This way you can stack away all your essentials without it getting in the way of the overall appeal of your home. A hint of vintage will never go out of fashion. Take pride in showcasing your bookshelf. It adds more colour to your living spaces. A little hide and seek is a great way of managing shelving. Some out on display for the pretty things and some concealed.

Planning ascertains multiple aspects of home decor. First, a blueprint always ensures periodic, concrete, more organised work progression. Second, it lays down the environment you want your home to emulate. What one aspires out of living space is unique and individualistic. Your home is your abode; it may become an eclectic reflection of your personality or provide serenity and peace from the bustling cacophony of the outside world. Your home is your canvas, and you are the artist adding life and personality to your living spaces. Aligning the mood to create a focal point is extremely helpful, and planning around this focal point helps centre every other element, be it flooring, furniture, drapes, or even fabric. A clarity of mood fixates a good interior design and prevents it from fraying into an abyss of confused, overly dramatic decor. So, keep your head up, don't be afraid to experiment and most of all, enjoy the process. Happy decorating!!

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