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5 ways of reinventing your bathroom

There is lurking curiosity about ways of reinventing the bathroom. After all, the most intimate space in your home could emerge as a reflection of your persona. When considering reinventing your bathroom, think of everything from replacing your flooring and wall tiles to reorganizing your sanitaryware and fixtures and making space for those knick-knacks. Try taking the ecological route that renders an air of sophistication to the bathroom. Through this blog, we introduce you to 5 innovative ways of reinventing your bathroom:

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Add depth and style to spaces with reinterpretation of classic wallpapers

Stylize your space with artistic and customizable decorations. Every piece being a unique decorative element, is conceived to set in perfect harmony with all the environments and pieces of furniture. Bring in the radical & unexpected twist in your abode with the new age wallpapers.

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Inkiostro Bianco’s designer wallpapers form the creative wallcovering that confers personality to the home and even more. They specialize in the production of artistic and customizable decorations with its aim being the reinterpretation of classic wallpapers.

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World leader in the ceramic industry design sector, Tecnografica draws from its experience and graphic expertise to create the Tecnografica Italian wallcoverings brand, which designs and produces wallpapers and decorative panel furnishing elements.




  • Non-absorbent and odorless
  • Washable with water and white soap
  • Fire-proof
  • High dimensional stability during installation and drying procedure
  • Easy installation
  • Complete customization of the graphic service for a tailor-made product.

Wallpapers are a trend product with process aesthetics and personality style. It can change the wall style and atmosphere most conveniently and quickly, and make the environment rich. It is the most economical way to upgrade the environment. The areas with high popularity rate of wallpaper must be the areas with high cultural grade and more developed economy. The adhesive surface wallpaper is easy to take care of, and can be cleaned with water, especially for the uneven or cracked wall, it has the function of beautification.

Generally, it should be identified from the following aspects:

  • Paper base thickness. Ensure to use the natural wood pulp paper greater than or equal to 100g / M2 as the base material, and ask the manufacturer to issue the manufacturer's document when purchasing.
  • Friction resistance. When purchasing, you can use your nails to mark the surface of each wallpaper to see if there are scratches or decolorization peeling, so as to identify the surface toughness.
  • Green is harmless. When buying wallpapers, you might as well smell the product to check for any peculiar odour.
  • The color is permanent. The surface coating materials and printing pigments of wallpaper should be optimized and strictly controlled to ensure that the wallpaper will not turn yellow after long-term illumination (especially light color and white wallpaper).
  • See if the pattern style is unique and the production process is excellent.

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