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5 ways of reinventing your bathroom

There is lurking curiosity about ways of reinventing the bathroom. After all, the most intimate space in your home could emerge as a reflection of your persona. When considering reinventing your bathroom, think of everything from replacing your flooring and wall tiles to reorganizing your sanitaryware and fixtures and making space for those knick-knacks. Try taking the ecological route that renders an air of sophistication to the bathroom. Through this blog, we introduce you to 5 innovative ways of reinventing your bathroom:

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Transform your space into a premium wellness atmosphere with a rejuvenating experience

A comforting wellness solution like a relaxing spa to bubble away into a heavenly atmosphere. A premium bathing experience coupled with desired comfort to relieve stress, awaken your senses and transport you to places unthought of. Submerge into the soothing effect of hot tubs for a mesmerizing hydrotherapy.

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Jacuzzi is the pioneer of excellence in the development of Hot tubs, bathtubs, saunas, and showers with indigenous designs and easy installation. The world’s leading innovator in wellness products with a proud history of unique design and innovation that has lasted for over 60 years.




Thanks to advanced water management and filtration systems, hot tub maintenance is easier than ever— Here’s a quick summary of how to maintain a hot tub:

Water: Check the chemical levels weekly with test strips and adjust them by adding the appropriate products per your owner’s manual—no chemistry expertise necessary. Drain and refills are only needed every 3–4 months, based on use.

Filter: Rinse and clean filters with a garden hose or filter flosser once per month. Replace as needed.

Cover: Use a cover to help keep your water warm and clean. It will protect your hot tub from debris and weather elements.

Not hard at all. You need to have a proper foundation and meet any electrical requirements. Your authorized dealer will walk you through the process and connect you with an expert to install your hot tub.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure installation and setup goes smoothly:

  • Check your HOA, city, and county rules and obtain any permits necessary.
  • Decide on a foundation that supports your hot tub, ensures proper drainage, and looks good.
  • Choose the perfect location, and remember to leave room for maintenance and entertaining.
  • Keep our pre-installation checklist handy for reference.

Generally, the size of the bathing area in the bathroom will determine whether a 5-foot, 6-foot or corner bath is selected. If space is not an issue then other factors can be considered. Most consumers compare the features, performance, style, comfort and price of the various baths being evaluated.

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