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5 ways of reinventing your bathroom

There is lurking curiosity about ways of reinventing the bathroom. After all, the most intimate space in your home could emerge as a reflection of your persona. When considering reinventing your bathroom, think of everything from replacing your flooring and wall tiles to reorganizing your sanitaryware and fixtures and making space for those knick-knacks. Try taking the ecological route that renders an air of sophistication to the bathroom. Through this blog, we introduce you to 5 innovative ways of reinventing your bathroom:

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Moving into a new house can be one of the greatest joys of your life but paying attention to the subtle modulations of decorating is of utmost importance while building the home of your dreams. Amidst these decisions, choosing the right tiles could prove to be a daunting task owing to various misconceptions floating around tile flooring. People often tend to face a dilemma on whether or not to go for floor tiles. Here are some of the solid facts that will definitely debunk these myths and guide you through your decision making process:

Myth 1: Water Absorption

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Some people are under the notion that porcelain tiles are porous, assuming it from its name, which is definitely not the case. Consumers often use the terms porcelain & ceramic interchangeably, Porcelain tiles have a water absorption rate of less than 0.5% whereas ceramic tiles are somewhat more susceptible to moisture infiltration.

The variance in the water absorption rate is caused due to their distinct set of applications. For instance, Porcelain tiles are suitable for flooring whereas ceramic tiles are more appropriate for wall covering surfaces which makes them both a perfect fit in their category irrespective of their water absorption rates.

Myth 2: Dull look

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Gone are the days when you only had limited alternatives for your tile flooring that made your space look bald or stereotypical. With the modern advances, there are a bundle of remarkable possibilities to choose from varying in patterns, designs, colours, finishes & much more.

If you are looking to explore unconventional pairings and out-of-the-box ideas to create a space, then @casamiaindia has an expansive portfolio of luxury collections from the world’s most loved brands that have a signature style of their own.

Myth 3: Tiles tend to have bends

With the increasing popularity of large-sized rectangular porcelain tiles, there’s a belief that follows regarding them having a bend towards the center.

Although this might be the case with some brands due to the extreme conditions under which they were produced, it doesn’t hold true for all porcelain stoneware tiles.

For instance, at Casamia India, the entire range of porcelain tiles are warpage free. Additionally, they have a flexion resistance certificate which speaks about the flexibility & durability of their products.

Myth 4: Discoloration over a period of time

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Buyers often believe that tiles are prone to discolouration over a period of time. This highly depends upon the quality of tile that you’re opting for. Low-quality tiles often show this symptom within a span of 2-3 years but the ones high in quality, remain intact for several years without showing any signs of discoloration.

Some brands like Casamia even offer warranty certificates to prove how sure they are about their quality.

Myth 5: Requires maintenance

This tile myth persists because it’s partially true that tiles do require some maintenance but it's only minimal, not rigorous. With proper cleaning & maintenance, you’ll enjoy decades of inherent beauty and optimum performance from your tile.

When choosing Casamia, maintenance should be the least of your concern because it’s no ordinary tile, it’s an amalgamation of the finest features a tile could possibly offer from being anti-fungus, acid resistant, heat resistant, frost resistant, resistant to abrasion & wear to being non-combustible, it covers it all.

Myth 6: No customization

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For many years, prospective buyers have been of the opinion that floor tiles seem monotonous. Well now that times have changed, there are enormous customization facilities available in the decor industry to create a space that is an extension of your personality. This indicates that homeowners would no longer have to settle for standard choices and can uplift the ambience of their room with a touch of personalized artwork enhanced by meticulous details.

Find below an artworks that adds history to your room from the shadowline collection of Petra Antiqua - A curated brand of Casamia India.

Myth 7: Matte attracts dust

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Mad over matte yet skeptical whether to go for it or not? No worries, we have got you covered. There’s a running rumor around the decor industry that matte finishes attract dust, which is completely baseless. Matte finishes are as good as glossy finishes and have nothing to do with accumulating dust particles.

Matte is preferred for a sophisticated look that exudes warmth whereas glossy is considered for a shiny look created by the luster of these tiles. So be bold and make your choice based on the look & feel that you want to reflect without focusing on any misperceptions.

Conclusion :

While making such once in a lifetime decisions, it’s essential to step back and take into account all the possible options before taking the final call. There’s absolutely no doubt in claiming that tiles are the most delightful option when it comes to flooring. So choose your tiles wisely for an ideal lifestyle solution that brings your dreams to reality. Also, do check out Casamia india for fulfilling your interior decor needs with utmost class & consideration. When you choose from Casamia, you choose to be responsible.

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