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5 ways of reinventing your bathroom

There is lurking curiosity about ways of reinventing the bathroom. After all, the most intimate space in your home could emerge as a reflection of your persona. When considering reinventing your bathroom, think of everything from replacing your flooring and wall tiles to reorganizing your sanitaryware and fixtures and making space for those knick-knacks. Try taking the ecological route that renders an air of sophistication to the bathroom. Through this blog, we introduce you to 5 innovative ways of reinventing your bathroom:

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Building a dream home or renovating your existing space always holds a special place in every homeowner’s heart. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that changes the atmosphere you’ll be residing in forever. Having said that, it’s implied that all the decisions taken during this journey are of utmost importance and hence every aspect must be taken into consideration before taking the final call. Amongst these decisions, an important element that forms the foundation of your room is the tiling solution. Before starting an interior design project, one must be well-versed in all the trendsetting contemporary alternatives available in the market. To fill you with that information, we have compiled the top 7 Best selling surface tiles of 2022 that have been widely chosen and appreciated by people for their mind-boggling charisma.

1. Hypertouch

An innovative capacitive surface that enhances design functions beyond imagination. The creativity of this design lies in its concealed technology. Simply by lightly touching the Hypertouch ceramic surface, an integrated system of home automation sensors is activated to switch on & off lighting & audio-video devices, control doors, and windows, and set the room temperature. It enhances the design and continuity of surfaces by eliminating unsightly cover plates and external switches.

2. Black onyx

A versatile and multi-functional maxi tile with just 6mm thickness, suitable for floor, walls & furnishings. Its quintessential feature includes being an aesthetic flair of the most refined natural stone & technicality of a porcelain stoneware that remains unaltered regardless of time.

3. A breezy beach

Inspired by the calm of seaside view and serenity of the ocean, this majestic surface comprises of all the charm of an exclusive porcelain stoneware marble that has the ability to upscale any premium atmosphere with a sense of refreshment.

4. Graceful veins

A charming surface with a lasting finish where the soft and delicate vein patterns characterize the space, along with exuding taste & authenticity into the room. Its ability to imitate marble is one of the peculiar features that sets them apart.

5. Embracing Gemstone

A surface enriched with a variegated texture that alternates crystallized areas characterized by visible inclusions with more homogeneous areas where thin grains delicately embellish the surface. It comes in a polished finish that enhances the elegant chromatic interplay and the three-dimensionality of its texture.

6. An art deco landscape

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This charming surface relies on the curved lines and floral details of an imaginary landscape, allowing the glass-like and translucent ceramic effect to prevail. It’s also made available into three colour groups, defined according to three landscapes, each inspired by the tones that characterize it: Arctic, Mountain, and Tropic.

7. Liquid vibrance

Like unrestrained brushstrokes or flowing vibrant liquids, the turbulent colors conjure up the beauty of this surface, with magical and seductive imagery. The fascinating warm tones of grey with hints of gold never cease to amaze any viewer and carry them to distant worlds.


Displayed above were some of the many luxurious surface tile collections that one must consider while planning to give an opulent touch to your beloved homes. These artistic & timeless designs would not only bring to life your uniquely inspiring visions but also create perfect harmony in your decor, filling it with bold character.

If you instantly fell in love with these designs & wish to embrace them on your walls, then you must check out Casamia India to not only witness the above graceful collections but many more astonishing variations in surfaces, textures, designs, and styles that would spruce up life & richness into your conventional decor.

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