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5 ways of reinventing your bathroom

There is lurking curiosity about ways of reinventing the bathroom. After all, the most intimate space in your home could emerge as a reflection of your persona. When considering reinventing your bathroom, think of everything from replacing your flooring and wall tiles to reorganizing your sanitaryware and fixtures and making space for those knick-knacks. Try taking the ecological route that renders an air of sophistication to the bathroom. Through this blog, we introduce you to 5 innovative ways of reinventing your bathroom:

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Tiling is a crucial concept that acts as an adhesive & binds the entire room together. It significantly impacts the overall aesthetics of your space, yet its importance is quite underrated. When done with utmost accuracy, it has the potential to enhance the aura of your space & set it a class apart, but when done otherwise, the entire essence of the room fades away. That’s exactly why it’s always beneficial to invest in the right tiling solutions to enjoy a perennial beauty. With a plethora of options, choosing a tile by yourself can be quite intimidating, so here are certain attributes to contemplate before making the final call.

Step 1: Pick the right vibe

Let’s get down to the basics. While making such a decision, the primary focus should be on building the desired ambience, a reflection of your style & an extension of your personality. Decor styles keep on evolving with time but there are certain evergreen trends that you must be aware of:

Contemporary Decor

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This refers to incorporating modern elements that keep on evolving with time. It follows the minimalism trend by emphasizing on the pieces that define you, instead of cluttering your space with unnecessary details. To nail a modern design, maintain a balance of straight line patterns with fewer curves.

Retro Decor

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If you’re someone who looks into the past for inspiration, retro might be the style for you! It’s a combination of vintage & mid-century modern design forms that aim to create an updated yet nostalgic environment. By mixing items with diverse materials, you can add that desired depth. The composition of different period pieces is what makes the retro decor appealing.

Bohemian Decor

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There’s just one rule when it comes to bohemian, your room must feel collected. You can ace this cozy look by combining & layering your room with warm earthy hues & artisanal vintage pieces that are a signature boho embellishment.

Monochromatic Decor

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A harmonious method to create a lively atmosphere is through opting for a monochromatic color scheme. This theme involves the use of a single color palette and playing off with its tints, shades & tones.

Step 2: Size it right

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The next step is to figure out the area to be tiled. Depending upon the space of the room, the tiles need to be selected. The relationship between tile size and space of the room is crucial in order to maintain the visual aesthetics.

Different tile sizes have different approaches in influencing the impressions of a space. The usage of one or two distinct tile sizes creates a modernized look, whereas adding more sizes brings out complexity which should definitely be kept at bay.

The objective is to choose the dimensions of a tile in proportion to the room since larger tiles ensure an expanded appearance in wide spaces but they tend to overwhelm it when used in compact areas like bathrooms.

For Instance, large-sized tiles are better suited for wider areas like living rooms to make the space appear even larger whereas small-sized tiles thrive in accenting more intimate areas like your kitchens & bathrooms.

Note: Vertically oriented tiles create a longer appearance, whereas horizontally oriented tiles create a wider appearance.

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Read the applications areas of Large Format Tiles vs Small Format Tiles here

Step 3: Material

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Tiles come in a variety of materials. Depending upon the applications, the tile selection must be made. Porcelain, Ceramic, Glass & Natural stones are amongst the most renowned materials. Porcelain is ideal for all surfaces especially flooring, whereas Ceramic is frequently chosen for highlighting walls, splashbacks & bathrooms. Natural stones on the other hand are the optimum choice when it comes to eclectic wall decor.

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Step 4:Functionalities that matter

While purchasing a floor tile, there are numerous things to examine in order to match your requirements. So here are certain functionalities that throw light on the steps to determine a fine quality & durable tile:

  • Thickness - determining strength & quality
  • Acid resistance - Resistant to the most common everyday acids
  • Resistant to abrasion & wear - From any natural material
  • Heat resistant - Not damaged by hot saucepans or lit cigarettes
  • Stain resistant - Strong detergents can be used without affecting the material
  • Non-combustible - Material does not burn when exposed to flame.
  • Stable chromatically - Does not change color when exposed to sun, weathering, or smog
  • Environment friendly - No waterproofing chemicals, release of radioactive gasses & free from lead polish
  • Frost resistant

With that in mind, you must be discovering options that satisfy these attributes.

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Step 5: Color scheme

Pulling off an eclectic decor largely depends upon the spice of colors that you add to them. It has an enormous impact in setting the mood of a room. Think of your room as a blank canvas, by adding bold & bright tones, you can literally make your space pop alongside highlighting every minute detail. But for those who shy away from vibrant hues, go for soft colours like ivory, pastels, nuances of pink & blue, etc. that soothes your soul. You can also play with two contrasting color palettes to add more drama. Here are some of the color palettes from the most trending homes around the world that could wow your homes.

Step 6: Patterns

Adding mystery to a space is the ultimate goal of every homeowner & pattern play rightly serves that purpose. More than anything, it arouses the imagination of the viewer & evokes inspiration. Creating such a disparate pattern needs an understanding of the intricacies of prominent pattern styles such as herringbone, subway, chevron, geometric, offset, pinwheel, etc. and of course the art of mosaic that synchronizes your elegant interiors with a personalized taste.

Here are some of the patterns from the most trending homes around the world.

Pro tip: You can accomplish the desired look by harmoniously combining two contrasting patterns with coordinating shades. Nevertheless, if you fear a pattern overload, go for a subtle white backdrop & pops of intriguing colors.

Step 7: Ideal Textures

Textures add visual interest to the uneven surfaces. Speaking of their appearance, glossy tile is a natural choice for dark spaces, as it enhances the reflection of light. The subtle tone of gloss provides an elegant balance to any scene. Matte on the other hand, is suited for a classic yet subtle look that provides a sense of sophistication along with offering better traction & resistance to the floor. Additionally, it’s the perfect match for wet areas like bathrooms as glossy finishes in wetness-prone areas may pose a safety hazard.

Read Matt v/s Glossy Tile here

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Making hasty decisions in decor can be quite troublesome in the long run, so it’s better to sit back and design a room that is both playful & pleasing to depict your unconventional life. With this clarity on tile selection aspects, if you love these collections and want to see more, you could follow Casamia India’s social media channel here where we upload exclusive designs and materials everyday to keep you updated on the decor industry trends.

If you are thinking of building your dream space with the charisma of divine luxury - you could visit our showroom to experience the possibilities in decorative patterns & mesmerizing styles, bringing life to your inspiring visions.

It’s time you break the preconceived decor notions & go bold with your imagination. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep you updated on the new decor industry trends.

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